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11 reviews
Waited 2 months for our dog collars to arrive and…
25th February 2017
I ordered 2 collars in November 16. They arrived…
21st February 2017
Like everyone else I thought I'd been…
2nd February 2017
36 reviews
Got the FREE sample was a bit dubious as my dogs…
25th February 2017
I have 2 dogs one not fussy but have to give her…
25th February 2017
All my chihuahuas loved the free sample so bought…
25th February 2017
2 reviews
I have been raw feeding my dogs all of their…
23rd February 2017
we have an old dog and he is doesn't always make…
11th November 2016
Family Dog Services
Maidstone, Kent
5 reviews
My cocker spaniel and I joined the foundation…
23rd February 2017
We love training with both Claire and John. I…
23rd February 2017
We have been on their foundation class for the…
23rd February 2017
5 reviews
I have 2 dogs and I feed the eldest one on this…
21st February 2017
I came across this food after reading reviews on…
4th February 2017
This is a very high quality dog food, but without…
30th November 2015
91 reviews
When I first met Regina and Mike , I was taken by…
21st February 2017
My dog Jasper has stayed with Ellen in Sutton a…
21st February 2017
My Lurcher's Ruby and Esther didn't want to come…
30th January 2017

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