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Akela WholePrey
Based on 410 reviews.410 reviews
“My dogs a 3 year old Staffy bitch and 8 year old Shar” 22/03/2017
“Many people review dog food with 'my dogs loves it, and” 08/03/2017
“I have tried different types of kibble, without success” 27/02/2017
Eden Dog Food
Based on 396 reviews.396 reviews
“This food cured my Frenchie's wind issue, but I found” 11/03/2017
“I love this dog food and more importantly so do my for” 16/12/2016
“My dog is allergic to both cows milk and beef. Eden” 12/12/2016
Millies Wolfheart
Based on 131 reviews.131 reviews
“Unfortunately this product gave my Frenchie chronic and” 11/03/2017
“Can't fault this food dogs love it and look great on it.” 05/02/2017
“I have been buying Millies Wolfheart for my nearly 2” 05/02/2017
Based on 42 reviews.42 reviews
“Layla suffers from a very sensitive stomach and so far” 18/03/2017
“My dogs are predominantly raw fed but occasionally have” 18/03/2017
“I decided to try Wolfworthy as my Border Terrier was” 18/03/2017
Based on 18 reviews.18 reviews
“I first tried Nutriment a few years back when they” 16/03/2016
“I've purchased Nature's Menu, Natural Instinct and now” 11/02/2016
“My Rhodesian Ridgeback was suffering with skin problems,” 25/07/2015
Natural Instinct
Based on 15 reviews.15 reviews
“can't complain about the products themselves, my 10” 07/02/2017
“Simply The Best! This dog food is simply the best! I” 05/02/2016
“As top performing working dogs we were looking for added” 18/12/2015
Sneyd's Wonderfeeds
Based on 5 reviews.5 reviews
“I was introduced to Sneyd's dog food several years ago” 16/03/2017
“I have always struggled to find a food that suits my” 16/03/2017
“I have just received a few trail bags of several” 14/03/2017
Gentle Dog Food
Based on 8 reviews.8 reviews
“Our Finnish Lapphund is fussy and would rarely through” 22/03/2017
“I recently switched my dogs from a highly reviewed 80/20” 21/03/2017
“My dogs just love this food!!! Great as you can feed” 14/09/2016
Wolf Tucker
Based on 8 reviews.8 reviews
“Better than all the rest! I don't eat processed” 13/09/2016
“Having tried many different Raw food companies for my” 03/04/2016
“Fantastic range of raw food, bones and treats and” 04/03/2016
Lily's Kitchen
Based on 6 reviews.6 reviews
“I work in the dog food industry and have done years of” 16/02/2017
“I tried my boy hugo on this brand of food he is a staffy” 16/02/2017
“My dog absolutely loves this food and all the treats.” 09/04/2016
Markus Muhle
Based on 5 reviews.5 reviews
“I have 2 dogs and I feed the eldest one on this and have” 21/02/2017
“I came across this food after reading reviews on another” 04/02/2017
“This is a very high quality dog food, but without the” 30/11/2015
Vet's Kitchen
Based on 5 reviews.5 reviews
“Searched for ages for decent food as my jug dog wasn't” 15/02/2017
“My 3 yr old cocker spaniel loves this food. She has a” 27/03/2015
“My Cockapoo has a bad wheat allergy so it has been a” 26/01/2015
Green Dog Food
Based on 5 reviews.5 reviews
“My two dogs (a Dandie Dinmont terrier and a Cockapoo)” 06/12/2016
“Grain Free Duck, Turkey & Veg + Grain Free, Trout,” 06/07/2015
“Greendog is the best food around and my dogs love it.” 09/06/2015
Natures Menu
Based on 11 reviews.11 reviews
“Our dog loves the product, but do not expect any support” 07/10/2016
“Put my dog on Nature's Menu gradually as bought into the” 07/06/2016
“I have a very fussy Jackapoo called Oscar! He has always” 07/06/2016
Based on 5 reviews.5 reviews
“I changed my 3 dogs to tails about 8 months ago, my” 06/03/2017
“They changed my dogs recipe to the extent that he does” 18/12/2016
“When I switched my lovely dog (from supermarket brands)” 01/12/2016
Wainwright's Dog Food
Based on 5 reviews.5 reviews
“I got a bag of adult food dry it was full of buiscuit” 24/11/2016
“We have a 2 yr old gsd and a 6yr old mixture we have” 28/09/2016
“Our cockerpoo Fergie was very hyper & suffered from” 19/05/2016
Royal Canin Dog Food
Based on 10 reviews.10 reviews
“My puppy came to us at 9 weeks on royal canin so we” 07/11/2016
“I bought tilly home as a pup on royal canine at first” 26/10/2016
“My puppy came to me on Royal Canin so I bought a bag to” 20/11/2015
James Wellbeloved
Based on 7 reviews.7 reviews
“I used to feed my two small dogs Yorkshire terrier and” 08/11/2016
“Dog refused to eat it. When i looked at the ingredients” 24/03/2016
“I used to feed my dogs on this year's ago but a few” 01/12/2015
Clydach Pet Foods
Based on 4 reviews.4 reviews
“Excelent customer service, very professional yet” 20/10/2016
“Very knowledgeable staff...understanding different dogs” 20/10/2016
“Called in on our way home as I know Callum and I have to” 27/06/2015
Orijen Adult
Based on 4 reviews.4 reviews
“After spending a fortune at vets with my show springers” 30/09/2016
“An excellent product which both my elderly dogs love and” 20/05/2016
“After many hours of research on dog food I believe” 26/01/2015
Based on 3 reviews.3 reviews
“Originally gave her what the breeder had her on which” 07/01/2017
“We moved to Forthglade when another wet meat producer we” 12/08/2016
“My dog has a sensitive tummy and over the five years we” 30/07/2016
Poppy's Picnic Raw Dog Food
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“I have been feeding my rescue Labrador of indeterminate” 12/03/2017
“we have an old dog and he is doesn't always make it” 11/11/2016
Murphy's Bakery
Based on 3 reviews.3 reviews
“Fantastic healthy treats for your dog, our springer” 22/03/2016
“Brought first packet from Paws and Whiskers so Harvey” 09/03/2016
“My review for Murphys Bakery is 5 Stars (Paws) I love” 08/03/2016
Alpha Feeds
Based on 3 reviews.3 reviews
“We have 14 Siberian Huskies and feed Alpha High” 05/10/2015
“I have fed Alpha to my dogs for many years now and have” 06/05/2015
“Alpha pet feeds has a great range of dog food to suit” 28/04/2015
Westerham Pet Bakery
Based on 3 reviews.3 reviews
“The honey & oat biscuits doubled up as a teething” 05/10/2014
“Really well presented treats which are loved by my dogs.” 04/10/2014
“I highly recommend Westerham pet bakery. They provide an” 25/09/2014
Canagan Dog Food
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“My Rough Collie has been on this dog food since he was 8” 19/02/2017
“The best food I've found in a dry kibble that replicates” 17/12/2014
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“I switched to this about 2 years ago and so glad I did” 07/01/2017
“It is so difficult to know what to feed your dog these” 07/01/2015
Angell Petco
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“I was recommended to this company when my dog was unwell” 15/03/2017
Woof & Brew
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“We bought our dog some Bottom Sniffer beer as a treat” 30/10/2016
“I've tried a couple of different woof and brew blends on” 29/08/2014
Lukullus Dog Food
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“I trawled the net looking for a good food for my 3 dogs” 09/07/2016
“I struggled for a long time to find a food that my dog” 15/01/2015

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