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Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England
Dog Academy
Based on 40 reviews.40 reviews
“Getting the help from Mark we needed for our dog has” 03/09/2016
“I have grown in confidence in handling my lively” 08/04/2016
“I have been going to classes with Dog Academy for some” 05/04/2016
Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England
4 Paws Training
Based on 27 reviews.27 reviews
“We booked Jayne when we started having recall problems” 09/03/2017
“We recently adopted a beautiful german shepherd called” 05/03/2017
“I booked 4 sessions for our new puppy and Im pleasantly” 13/02/2017
Carluke, South Lanarkshire, Scotland
Trained for Life
Based on 24 reviews.24 reviews
“ I am so amazed my 10month old clumber spaniel has” 07/12/2016
“We have just spent four hours with Lez and it was” 29/08/2016
“I have trained with Lez for a little over two years with” 30/11/2015
Maidstone, Kent, England
Family Dog Services
Based on 9 reviews.9 reviews
“I recommend John and Claire to anyone who wants training” 30/05/2017
“John and Claire are absolutely brilliant dog trainers.” 30/05/2017
“I am very pleased I chose John and Claire to train my” 29/05/2017
Norwich, Norfolk, England
Norwich Dog Trainer
Based on 12 reviews.12 reviews
“Phil's service both to our dog Nero and ourselves was” 11/03/2017
“By far the best dog trainer ever.... He came round and” 21/11/2016
“Phil came to help my nervous dog Alfie and when he got” 11/09/2016
Cranbrook, Kent, England
Cwnsaethu Dog Behaviour and Training
Based on 8 reviews.8 reviews
“I have George, a black labrador retriever. James has” 16/04/2016
“I would like to thank James for all his help today, he” 16/04/2016
“My lab pup really enjoys his training sessions and so do” 08/04/2016
Puppy Prep School & Further Education for Dogs
Based on 6 reviews.6 reviews
“I have over the last 4 years taken all my dogs there.” 29/11/2015
“I have been taking my overexcited labradoodle to” 29/10/2015
“I attended the adult dog class with my dog for 2 years.” 27/10/2015
Skegness, Lincolnshire, England
PMP K9 Training School
Based on 6 reviews.6 reviews
“I have been training with PMPK9 training for nearly 6” 31/10/2014
“Conveniently situated in Friskney between Boston and” 20/10/2014
“I have been training with Pat for years now and I” 19/10/2014
Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Dog Training College
Based on 5 reviews.5 reviews
“Maggie and I have thoroughly enjoyed our 1to1 training” 29/11/2016
“I am so impressed that you guys answered the phone at” 05/02/2016
“Was ready to give my dog up. I was then recommended to” 02/02/2016
Staines, Surrey, England
Paws in Harmony
Based on 5 reviews.5 reviews
“We have been going to Lynda's classes since my dog, a” 16/04/2015
“We have been attending the obediance classes since” 09/04/2015
“Delighted with the progress made during only two” 31/03/2015
Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Jenny Keehan
Based on 4 reviews.4 reviews
“We had Jenny on a one to one basis when our puppy was” 11/02/2017
“We thoroughly enjoyed our classes with Jenny. She is” 11/02/2017
“Me and my dog took the beginners agility class with” 27/02/2016
Hatherden, Hampshire, England
Develop Your Dog
Based on 4 reviews.4 reviews
“Our 4 year old working-bred German Shepherd has very” 26/08/2016
“I did a four month training programme with Jill last” 19/11/2015
“We took our slightly unruly two year old lab to Jill to” 18/11/2015
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England
Talking Dogs Scentwork
Based on 4 reviews.4 reviews
“Skye and I attended a level 2 scent work workshop run by” 06/05/2015
“Great way to have fun and bond with your dog, no” 04/05/2015
“Myself and my working cocker spaniel Bootie had the” 04/05/2015
Polegate, East Sussex, England
Cathy's K9 Capers
Based on 4 reviews.4 reviews
“We asked Cathy to help us as we were getting our first” 01/04/2015
“My dog has been training with Cathy since he was a” 01/04/2015
“Buddy has been going to Kathys socialisation classes” 31/03/2015
Burgess Hill, West Sussex, England
Raising Hopes
Based on 3 reviews.3 reviews
“I have not looked back with my little rescue dog Dudley.” 20/09/2016
“My 2 lab x collies had over time become a handful. They” 23/05/2016
“Thank you to kate fassam who has truely helped me change” 22/05/2016
Southampton, Hampshire, England
Hampshire's Hounds
Based on 3 reviews.3 reviews
“About 6 years ago we decided to try and do something” 14/09/2015
“I met Jee about 8 years ago when she first helped me” 10/09/2015
“I highly recommend Je-an and her pack of trainer dogs. I” 08/09/2015
Whaddon, Cambridgeshire, England
South Cambs Dog Training Club
Based on 3 reviews.3 reviews
“Impressive results of positive reinforcement for diverse” 13/05/2015
“I've worked on and off with Steve for over 2 years. His” 05/05/2015
“Took my deerhound pup Millie for puppy training course” 05/05/2015
Manchester, Greater Manchester, England
Goody 4 Paws
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“We acquired a rescue 11 month old German shepherd and” 26/01/2017
“Our dog attends Day Care and Training Classes. It's” 04/11/2014
Kittle, Swansea, Wales
Lifeline Dogs
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“Bobbi is a fantastic dog walker and minder .. she is” 29/11/2016
“I recently adopted a Jack Russell from Dogs trust which” 27/07/2015
Dereham, Norfolk, England
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“Found the classes really good for my young dog, really” 21/07/2016
“Great club and trainers with small classes they do good” 08/01/2016
Waterlooville, Hampshire, England
Armchair Pets
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“Armchair Pets have the balance just right. Careful” 11/12/2015
“I attend Talking Dog Rally classes with my young bearded” 05/02/2015
Southampton, Hampshire, England
Southern Pet Services
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“Jeanette and Gavin and their team are just amazing- so” 18/07/2015
“We have been using southern pet services for our two” 17/07/2015
Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Paws In Hand
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“ Friendly, compassionate and knowledgable , no one was” 09/05/2015
“Having 45 years of dog owning, showing and working, I am” 07/05/2015
Newick, East Sussex, England
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“Our grey hounds were active and unresponsive when we” 20/01/2015
“My beloved dog Lucy was causing quite a bit of stress” 06/01/2015
Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England
Positive Pet Training
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“We can recommend Positive Pet Training without any” 02/04/2017
Dartford, Kent, England
2econd Home
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“I've recently acquired a 4 month old German Shepherd and” 18/12/2016
Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Zen Dog Whispering
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“Ken has a very different approach to a traditional dog” 31/10/2016
Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Best Behaviour Dog Training
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“I was worried about training my dog in a class” 30/09/2016
Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Canine Behaviour & Training Solutions
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“I would definitely recommend canine behavour and” 17/01/2016
Birkenshaw, West Yorkshire, England
Courteous Canines
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“I have now been to Courteous Canines with 3 dogs from” 19/11/2015

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