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Ruff Rider Car Harness

Ruff Rider Car Harness
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29th January 2015
Hayes End, Hillingdon, London
“Your Best Friend's Safety Rides on it!!”
My Betsy is my life and I want to be able to protect her at all times, so when I go out travelling in my car, I want her to be safe in it as well as …

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Hayes End, Hillingdon, London
9 reviews
“Your Best Friend's Safety Rides on it!!”
Reviewed 29th January 2015
My Betsy is my life and I want to be able to protect her at all times, so when I go out travelling in my car, I want her to be safe in it as well as myself. A few months ago I got to look over one of the Roadie Ruff Rider Crash Tested Car Harness and couldn't believe the quality! They appear to have the fit and strength of some of the equipment used in search and rescue management. They have been passed in crash-testing in both Germany and USA.

In the UK there are no safety car harness that have been put through a crash-tested procedure and, therefore, cannot state this!!

Roadie’s patented figure 8 design channels overload forces to your dog's chest. The strongest part of the dog's anatomy, making the Roadie orthopaedically sound. The Roadie Is pleated under the armpits to prevent chafing and is ergonomically correct. It allows your dog to sit, stand and lay down comfortably. Its webbing exceeds SAE standards for human seat belts and it it's strong webbing comfortable for the dog to wear. There are no weakening points or external tether required. Roadie easily attaches to any vehicle’s seatbelt system and the tether acts as a short walking lead for "Pit-Stops" and "All Around Use". When not in the car, the tether/lead can be rolled up and secured with the hook & loop closure. The car seatbelt loops through the harness. The Roadie can be used to walk, ride in and out of the car all day and never change the harness. It has been approved by and has had design input from Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeons.

Now the science bit:-Researched and independently tested. The 1 3/4″ Mil Spec Type 7 Class II nylon webbing was tested at CTL Thompson Lab In Denver CO. The webbing showed a break point of minimum 6,600 lbs and a maximum of 9,200 lbs. The Roadie has also been tested by AZT Automotive GmbH (Allianz) In Munich Germany and MGA in the USA.

Roadie Ruff Rider Crash Tested Car Harness is not designed to fit skin-tight like other harnesses; a looser fit assures your dog stays comfortable and secure.

I bought the Roadie from http://www.xtradog.com/shop/shop-by-product/harnesses/safe-car-harnesses/ruff-rider-roadie.html who imports and distributes US products such as the Roadie Ruff Rider Crash Tested Car Harness at a wonderful price. You can also view the video and see how the harness is put through it's test criteria.

I paid £44.50 for the S2 for Betsy, my English Cocker Spaniel.

I highly recommend it for my dog and any other dog, whether small or large, it will keep your dog secure and safe and will keep you safe as well.

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