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20th October 2022
“Don’t waste your time and money! ”
Don’t waste your time with this company, unless you love poor customer service. My dog has always been a custom fit due to his cross breed. I made t…

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1 review
“Don’t waste your time and money! ”
Reviewed 20th October 2022
Don’t waste your time with this company, unless you love poor customer service. My dog has always been a custom fit due to his cross breed. I made this clear on email correspondences with a person called, ‘Sammi Downing’. After 3 different people took measurements of my dog, I inputted these into their website and their website told me that his measurements did not fit an ‘off the shelf’ option. I therefore emailed images of my dog and the measurements. Sammi Downing advised me to order an ‘off the shelf’ size, which I suspected would be incorrect and I highlighted this in my email correspondence. I ordered the size that Sammi suggested and guess what… yes you guessed it… it was the wrong size. I was told to return the item for an exchange at my own postage cost. Clearly I did not want to do this as the risk of receiving a further misfit in the second item would inevitably cost me further postage returns and I would end up with no product at all, just postage return costs. I would advise anyone looking for dog clothing, to visit a more reputable seller and one that cares about good customer service.
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2 reviews
Reviewed 29th January 2021
I have several of there jump suits, vests, and summer t shirts for my dogs, i've had some for years and they have holes in them but they are still worn, they are fantastic coats for keeping dogs warm and dry or drying them off, company themselves are great, always happy to help and exchange if too large or small, highly recommend this company
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6 reviews
“Fantastic fleeces for dogs!”
Reviewed 8th July 2015
My dog is the proud owner of 2 equafleece and they're great! The fabric is quality and soft. I've washed them a few times and they're still as good as new. Would highly recommend!
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5 reviews
“My Dobby Loves His Fleece”
Reviewed 24th January 2015
We have owned two equafleeces for nearly two years and they are fantastic quality. They don't show any sign of wear and keep our dog warm and dry when necessary. I wouldn't consider purchasing a dog coat from another company.
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Hayes End, Hillingdon, London
9 reviews
“Fabulous Fleeces for Dogs - Dogsuit ”
Reviewed 24th January 2015
It has come to light that dogs and especially very young, elderly or thin coated dogs feel the cold and hate the rain as much as people. Therefore, Equafleece have produced fleeces that are warm, light in weight, easy to wear, machine washable, and above all 100% water repellent when worn close to the body.

The Equafleece garments are made of Polartec high performance woven polyester fleece of the grade and quality found in advanced technical mountaineering wear. The fleece is undoubtedly the best wicking medium and it is this wicking action which continually blocks rain while still breathing away excess heat and moisture. It is much warmer and more durable than wool and thermal cotton, and is machine washable and tumble dries.

I bought Betsy, my English Cocker Spaniel the dog suit, which is one of the best sellers at Equafleece, a four-legged garment for all over protection from the wet, improved drying and extra warmth. There are no buckles, straps or velcro, and the area between the back leg is open, so she is able to go to wee. A male dog would not have a problem either!!

When we have been caught out and found ourselves in the rain and got wet, I have put the Equafleece dog suit on Betsy. If your dog is already wet the Equafleece dog suit is the ideal drying tool, wicking the wet away from the dog's coat to the outside of the dog suit without them having to sit in a damp towel or towelling coat. For the working dog who is cold and wet through, this is the perfect garment to restore core body temperature and dry off quickly. For this reason, I bought Betsy her second dog suit for use after she would have her hydrotherapy sessions. I would simply dry her quickly with a towel, but for the sake of time, I would put on her Equafleece dog suit and away we would go.

If you have an older dog or an arthritic dog, you can at an additional cost of £9.00 get a waterproof zip placed in the top of the dog suit for easy access as it is very stretchy, but for any normal dog, there is absolutely no need as the dog suit is very easy to put on . You can also add on a stunning faux fur collar for an extra £5.00. The premium prints are available in leopard, tiger or snow leopard. A fabulous addition to any dog's wardrobe for indoor wear. You can choose any combination you like, but please be aware that they make these to order and cannot refund or exchange. This is also the case for the waterproof zip.

Equafleece do a wide range of colours such as Black, Mulberry, Pine Green, Loden Green, Red, Navy Blue, Dark Purple, Cobalt Blue, Dark Brown, Fluorescent Yellow, Soft Fuchsia and just recently added Blaze Orange. Betsy has the red and the Soft Fuchsia in the dog suits.

Sizing your dog is very easy. It is explained most accurately on the website and there is a video to show you how to do it. The website is excellent and very easy to navigate. It shows you the full range of garments Equafleece manufacture.

I would fully recommend anyone getting an Equafleece garment, especially the dog suit, or as most people say to me "we love her onesie - she looks so cute!!" It is so good at washing and drying and it is so worth the money. I bought a 22" dog suit for £36 and the prices do not seem to go up from year to year either.

Betsy loves her Equafleece dog suit. I love her dog suit. During the cold and wet Winter months I put it on her and go to the park and afterwards I get home and take it off her and all I have to do is clean her paws and dry them along with her ears and hey presto, I have a dry, clean and happy Cocker Spaniel, you can't say better than that!!

Equafleece are a company that I have every faith in and I am more than willing to recommend to all my friends and everyone else about them.

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