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Paw Plunger

Paw Plunger
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24th January 2015
Hayes End, Hillingdon, London
“Paw Plunger - Clean Paws”
I bought a Paw Plunger from a dog groomers and it’s a product specifically designed for cleaning your dog’s dirty paws before they have a chance …

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Hayes End, Hillingdon, London
9 reviews
“Paw Plunger - Clean Paws”
Reviewed 24th January 2015
I bought a Paw Plunger from a dog groomers and it’s a product specifically designed for cleaning your dog’s dirty paws before they have a chance to walk the dirt all over your floors, carpets and furniture. It is available in a number of sizes to suite your dog’s paw size (I bought the medium version) the Paw Plunger has a big handle to the side with a rubber opening inside which hides the brushes that will be used to clean your dog's paw. There is also a handy lid, which you clip onto the top of the plunger so you can transport the latter to and from your car when you head to the park....

The Paw Plunger works by filling up the latter with lukewarm water and then you place each paw into the plunger and move the paw up and down to get rid of the dirt. The action sort of reminds us of a giant golf ball cleaner.

The Paw Plunger may be good at cleaning the paws, but if your dog is of the adventurous kind it will know doubt play in the mud, thus getting most of it's fur coated in the process. So regardless if the paws were clean, the dog may still get mud into the house, so you are likely to need another way of cleaning the dog at the same time. I bought it because my dog, Betsy wears an Equafleece dog suit that covers her from head to toe, only leaving her paws to get muddy and dirty.

I bought mine for £25.00

At the beginning, there was a bit of struggle to start with to get Betsy to stick her paw into the plunger but it didn’t take long for Betsy to get used to it. The paw plunger got rid of the dirt and bits between the pads really well. The back legs could also be cleaned effectively. However, Betsy did tend to stick her nose into the plunger and drink from it as she thought the plunger was a drinking bowl. It is very easy to clean the Paw Plunger as everything comes apart easily, however, when you transport it full of water, you need to make sure that it stays upright otherwise it does leak.
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