About Wolfworthy

Wolfworthy is a maker of fine dog food. Based in rural Cheshire, we have created a truly special dog food, containing all of the good and none of the bad, for a longer, healthier and more active life. Our food is based on the diet of the Grey Wolf, the diet that our dogs evolved to eat, this includes freshly prepared meat, offal, fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Our Services

  • 80/20 Adult Dog Food
  • Puppy Dog Food (Coming Soon)
  • Home Delivery

We established our business because…

We believe that our dogs live long, healthy and active lives when they are fed the wholesome natural food that they evolved to eat. That is why we developed Wolfworthy, a delicious food based on the natural whole prey diet of the Grey Wolf. This includes Freshly Prepared Meat, Offal, Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs & Botanicals.

Why dogs love what we offer…

Freshly prepared meat is the cornerstone of Wolfworthy. We include Chicken, Salmon, Beef, Turkey and Trout. A diet which is 80% meat and 20% vegetables. We use real meat and real vegetables in our natural recipe. It contains absolutely NO artificial colours, NO artificial flavours and NO artificial preservatives. There are NO GM ingredients, NO added sugar and NO added salt.

The advice we give dog owners is…

Just like us, our dogs health is primarily dependent on what they eat. If you want optimal health for your dog feed the best food you can.

Our Latest Reviews

“No need for high value treats with Wolfworthy”
by on 30th November 2020
A great alternative to raw- grain free, good ingredients, high nutritional rating (94% from All About Dog Food) and works out around £1 a day. Our puppy's poo is nice and firm since switching and she absolutely loves the taste, I feed her a bit less at meal times and use it for brain games and rewards too, she loves it so much I find she doesn't seem too fussed about 'high value' treats. Highly recommend.
“A food that gets wolfed down every time”
by on 7th March 2020
My WCS had tried a number of foods, none of which really met his liking. I then saw Wolfworthy advertised and got the sample pack. That vanished very quickly and so I ordered the first bag. He loves it so much that I had to get a 'puzzle' bowl to slow him down, otherwise he was inhaling it. Second bag just arrived after 7 weeks, so although a 7.5kg bag seems small, for my 15kg boy it does indeed last 7 weeks as shown on the chart sent with the food.
“High Quality! ”
by on 8th October 2019
My Pembroke Corgi loved the sample! I’ve now ordered 7.5kg. It’s so important to me to feed my dog high quality ingredients and I’m so happy I found Wolfworthy
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