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The premier dog boarding agency in the UK covering London & the Home Counties with over 25,000 clients and 400 carefully selected carers. Our service is on a one-to-one basis so your dog will receive complete and undivided attention. You will meet your carer first and all our carers receive 24 hour emergency backup and are fully insured.

Home from Home Dog Boarding Agency
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21st February 2017
“leaving family pet in safe and caring hands”
When I first met Regina and Mike , I was taken by there genuine and caring way. They made us feel very much welcome, and although Ollie our jack Russ…

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“Home from Home gives exactly what it offers plus”
Reviewed 26th November 2014
I have used Home from Home for many years. First for my Yorkshire Terrier who lived to the ripe old age of 18yrs. Now for my 7yr old Miniature Schnauzer who cant get out of the car quickly enough to meet and greet her favourite carer.
We do however have two favourite carers one of which our schnauzer absolutely adores because, they thoroughly spoil her and in fact she sulks for a few days when she comes back home!
With my Yorkie we used a few different carers due to availability and I can honestly say all were very "like minded". During our schnauzer`s stay with the carers she is treated as though she were their own and we can go on holiday in the confidence that she will be really well cared for even more so than if we left her with a member of the family. Its like a holiday for the dogs as well as us owners
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