About Miyagi's Dog Training

You have to be mad to use Miyagis; you have to love Dogs, see them as family and to be against hurting them to get behaviours from them that you want. You won't get an Old School Dog Trainer and you won't get someone patronising and terrifying and you won't get an assistant who doesn't know what there talking about or just observes. Dogs are allowed on the sofa and the bed. Dogs are allowed to socialise and Dogs don't have to be staring at your hip on a walk. You get the very best and the very best support and we hate aversive methods! It's all about the Dogs happiness.
I have no agenda, I am not here to make you work in a way which does not suit you or your dog. I work with you in a way which suits both you and your dog.
I specialise in Aggression, be it Dog to Dog aggression or Dog to human Aggression and sponsor Yellow Dog UK.
I work with people from all backgrounds and have no prejudices, I work with people who have disabilities or problems with making classes for various reasons. I can deliver a Class session to you in your home and work with you in a Class style in for whatever reason you cannot make the Classes.
My aim through my Services is to help you and your dog to be bonded, happy and comfortable with your dog and so that Rescue Centres and Re-homing do not become the only option you have left.
I work with all breeds and ages and Puppies are welcome to join classes as soon as they have had their 2nd Vaccination.
I am fully insured under the Pet Plan Sanctuary Insurance Scheme, I am Certified and Accredited and I also have a Level 2 in Animal Care, Animal Psychology Level 3 and a Level 2 in Canine First Aid, Level 3 in Dog Grooming, I have attended Workshop 1 of Central Canine Scentwork, I have successfully completed Ian Dunbars Workshop Seminar on Reactive Dogs and I am currently studying for a Degree in Advanced Canine Studies with the British College of Canine Studies as well as Grisha Stewarts Building Blocks Course for Aggressive Dogs.
I am also a fully qualified Microchipping agent qualified with Micro ID.
I began as a Dog Walker as a Teenager and my Dog Training has spiralled from there, I use techniques to meet the dogs and your requirements, I do not follow a specific training agenda, I work holistically with the dog.
As a Dog Trainer I feel I will never stop learning, learning from Clients and Dogs alike and this is why I continue to study and seek out new courses to always be a better and up to date Trainer no matter how much experience I have.
All attendees will be asked to sign a Contract and Liability/ Waiver form.
*Cancellation Policy*
Whilst I love my chosen career, it is still the way that I earn my living and as such have to charge money for my time and expertise. My rates are very reasonable especially for people with such experience and academic qualifications. As a Sole Trader it is important that I am able to continue my work to help your Dogs. Whilst I am aware that many of you do not cancel or make arrangements via cancellations some have not.
The cancellation Policy is as follows;
Less than 48 hours: full price of lesson.
48- 72hrs: 50% of price of lesson
Cancellation fees also apply to home visits as well as Classes
Cancellations fees must be paid before attending the next session
For all new Clients payment must be made in advance for the first session due to no shows or people not being home.
Thank you for your understanding.

Our Services

  • One to One Sessions
  • Classes
  • Fun Agility
  • Sponsor of Yellow Dog UK
  • Specialising in Aggression
  • I travel to you ranging from Skegness, Spilsby, Alford, Mablethorpe, Boston

We established our business because…

I care about Dogs and their families, I want to help people before they feel they have to give up on their Dog.

Why dogs love what we offer…

I'm fun, friendly and work in a positive way, I do not agree with aversive methods, continued support even when Training has finished.

The advice we give dog owners is…

Pateince and repitition

Our Latest Reviews

by on 18th November 2017
Before Tasha we were at end of our tether we had four trainers before we met Tasha. Tasha is the only trainer who has been able to make progress with Simba we even tried board and train to no avail. Even though it came highly rated. We heard bout Tasha from a friend and the changes with Simba have been amazing. When we called Tasha we had been visited by the police concerning our dog as he had a scuffle with the dogs next door. Tasha has been able to do obedience with Simba, recall him, walk him, train us, get him close to other dogs Ben though he is closely managed and none of this had happened before, we have never lost Simba with Tasha whereas we did with other trainers when we explain he has no recall, he is a rescue from the Ark and from what we know he has had a really bad start. He's not aggressive but nervous reactive and Tasha has taught us this, helped us with his food and allergies and helped us to become more confident with him, we still have a long way to go until we are fully comfortable with managing Simba alone but the changes in Simba have been amazing.
“Above and beyond”
by on 7th November 2017
Tasha is an excellent dog trainer who often will go above and beyond expected service to help, not only your pooch, but you, the owner, as well. Advice is always willingly given, no matter how asked- either in person or through social media. Can not recommend highly enough
by on 6th November 2017
Tasha has trained my Staffy for me. His age wasn't an issue as he was six when I first enquired with Tasha. He now has manners and comes off his lead on walks as he now comes back. Fabulous and a fun girl
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