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About Miyagi's Dog Training and Behaviourist Services

Hello and welcome,

Tasha is a Dog Trainer and Behaviourist based in Skegness, Lincolnshire. She currently offers Dog Training in both Private sessions (where I travel to you in your home) and group Classes in and around the Skegness area. As well as working with basic obedience, advanced obedience, recall, house issues, lead pulling and behaviour problems, she specialises in working with Dogs with aggression issues be it, aggression towards other Dogs or Humans or even both.

You have to be mad to use Miyagis; you have to love Dogs, see them as family and to be against hurting them to get behaviours from them that you want. You won't get an Old School Dog Trainer and you won't get someone patronising and terrifying and you won't get an assistant who doesn't know what there talking about or just observes. Dogs are allowed on the sofa and the bed. Dogs are allowed to socialise and Dogs don't have to be staring at your hip on a walk. You get the very best and the very best support and we hate aversive methods it's all about the Dogs happiness.

She has no agenda, she is not here to make you work in a way which does not suit you or your dog. Tasha will work with you in a way which suits both you and your dog.

Tasha specialise's in Aggression, be it Dog to Dog aggression or Dog to human Aggression and sponsor Yellow Dog UK.
Tasha works with people from all backgrounds and has no prejudices, she works with people who have disabilities or problems with making classes for various reasons. Tasha can deliver a Class session to you in your home and work with you in a Class style in for whatever reason you cannot make the Classes.

Tasha's aim through her Services is to help you and your dog to be bonded, happy and comfortable with your dog and so that Rescue Centres and Re-homing do not become the only option you have left.

Tasha works with all breeds and ages and Puppies are welcome to join classes as soon as they have had their 2nd Vaccination.
Tasha is fully insured under the Pet Plan Sanctuary Insurance Scheme, she is Certified and Accredited as well as a fully qualified Behaviourist. She is happy to show you her Certifications and carries hard copies of Certificates with her. She also regularly attend Seminars to keep up to date from World Famous Dog Trainers and Vets as well as Schools.

Tasha has a Spaniel cross Diesel and 2 Czechoslovakian Wolf-dogs Koda and Django, all titled in Trick Training with AKC. All 3 Dogs are used for demonstrations as well as working alongside Clients Dogs.

Tasha works with all breeds ranging from Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, Terriers to Collies, Labradors, German Shepherds, Anatolian Shepherds, Wolf-dogs, Huskies, Northern Inuits... Tasha will never turn a breed away and can work with them all.

Tasha is also a fully qualified Microchipping agent qualified with Micro Id. As well as achieving high distinctions and Merits for her Qualifications she has also had mentorship from various Dog Trainers with varying methods for the last 15 years, so she is not just a book worm, the hands on experience that has shaped her into the Dog Trainer and Behaviourist she is today, delivering you the best service.

Tasha began as a Dog Walker as a Teenager and her Dog Training has spiralled from there, she use techniques to meet the dogs and your requirements, she does not follow a specific training agenda, she work holistically with the dog. Tasha has worked with the Kennel Club, with Rescue Dogs (including home checking, volunteering for Rescues as a Recognised and Certified Dog Trainer for them) , Schutzhund and Protection. Tasha still today works with working Dogs, such as Service Dogs, Gun Dogs, Protection Dogs and Medical Alert Dogs and various Vets. Tasha also works with the Police and Dogs who have had ASBO Orders put on them by the Police to ensure that they are not a danger to the Public and to rehabilitate them as well as guiding the owners. All this experience helps her to turn her hand successfully to any Dog, pup, rescue or older.

Doom is one of the very first Dogs with nervous aggression Tasha trained way back when she was 18! He will always have a special place in her heart and as you can see in the photo she has always stuck with Positive Training and love towards Dogs it's not just something that she says. Deb (Dooms Owner) was so nervous when Tasha first met Doom and they hit it off straight away. Deb rescued him and he had been badly abused. He was such a sweetheart just nervous. Deb and Tasha are still close friends now and Deb often asks for advice for herself or her friends... so when Tasha say's you get a friend for life through working with her. You really do.
As a Dog Trainer Tasha feels she will never stop learning, learning from Clients and Dogs alike and this is why she continues to study and seek out new courses to always be a better and up to date Trainer no matter how much experience she has.

Tasha has also been awarded best business of the Year 2018/2019 by both edogadvisor and as well as being awarded First Place for Best Pet and Handler by the Pet Professional Guild and is an approved instructor for the Dog Training College, she is also an approved instructor for the Assistance Dog and Education Support Network and has been Nominated for the Animal Star Wards 2019 as well as becoming a finalist so she has to go to Portsmouth in October 2019 to see if she has won the Award for her Category. Tasha also regularly attends Seminars and Workshops delivered by other Dog Trainers to continue her Continual Professional Development; with people like Dr.Robert Hewings, Dr. Chirag Petel, Craig Ogilvie, Sarah Fisher, Dr. Janet Finlay, Alasdair Bunyan BSc. KPA CTP, Claire Staines PCT-A, VSPDT, Paul Bunker and David Ryan as well as travelling 10 hours to work with Hannah Branigan and John McGuigan in Glasgow.
As many of you know who already know or works with Tasha. She is very busy. Tasha don't always get chance to answer urgent messages etc. So the admin team are Shirley J Houston Morley and Caroline Outlaw who assists with one to one sessions from time to time. So sometimes you may see posts or comments from Shirley and not Tasha. So between the three of us your messages will always be answered promptly. Tasha does not message or chase anyone. Everyone can feel free to message the team at any point for any reason especially if you are already working together. However Tasha will not chase, harass or push her services onto you. Tasha doesn't work that way and treat others how she would like to be treated herself as well as this as a young woman who lives alone and enters people's homes alone the admin team may be made aware time to time where Tasha is working and this was advised by the Princes Trust and the Police as a lone worker. Nothing private and confidential will ever be shared and as stated in contract photos maybe used or experiences maybe shared to help or inform others unless without express consent not given.
All above material copyrighted to Miyagis Dog Training 2018 ©
Thank you for taking your time to read this.
Natasha Attwood BCCS.DIPAdvCanBhv PETbc
?ISCP. Canine. Dip. Prac
INTO Dogs Certified Canine Behaviourist

Our Services

  • One to One Consults and Behaviour Packages
  • Classes
  • Specialising in Aggression
  • Online School
  • Canine Hoopers, Dog Parkour, Tricks, Fun Agility, Disc Dog, Workshops and Seminars
  • I travel to you ranging from Skegness, Spilsby, Alford, Mablethorpe, Boston

We established our business because…

I care about Dogs and their families, I want to help people before they feel they have to give up on their Dog.

Why dogs love what we offer…

I'm fun, friendly and work in a positive way, I do not agree with aversive methods, continued support even when Training has finished.

The advice we give dog owners is…

Pateince and repitition

Our Latest Reviews

“Fabulous Trainer ”
by on 5th November 2019
Highly recommend bring my GSD puppy Sky to Training and wouldn't go anywhere else. Tasha is super friendly and caring and an excellent Trainer
“Outstanding ”
by on 24th April 2019
Excellent Dog Trainer highly recommended. Very pleased with the outcome. As we can now take our Dog out on walks with no reaction. Seen a big transformation on our Dog and lifestyle.
“Amazing ”
by on 23rd December 2018
I have known Tasha since she was a teenager. I have never seen anyone with the affinity that she has with them. She can turn her hand to any Dog and the Dog will show her the greatest respect and confidence. I have seen her handle aggressive Dogs to puppies and she is amazing. I do not mean this in a generic term you have to see her in action to fully understand my description. I have seen Tasha go from strength to strength in her career in this ever competing industry. She does not give a toss about being famous only the owners and the Dogs she is working with in the hopes of them developing a similence of a bond she shares with Dogs. You really do have to see her in action. A+
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