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Launceston, Cornwall, England
Posted on 9th April 2019
Not good avoid....
Ive used this kennels last week

Here is my experience :

I book dog in no one asks for any details of his age dietary requirements
(he’s a large 6 month old puppy (25kilos) having 4 meals a day at home)

I assume this will happen when I get there.
I take dog in on a Saturday afternoon.

Someone appears through a locked prison like inner gate (think more Colditz than kennel) into the forecourt/parking area... This is a slab type gate that you can not see through I assume the kennels are through there.

No one asks anything about the dog at all (i’m stressed about leaving him so I don’t say much either
Dog is taken off me on his lead and led away though the mystery door, the young girl taking him away says “if you are worried please call at any time.”......

.. He has a dog bed a pillow and his own fleece... a rucksack with toys and at least a weeks worth of snacks.

I’m upset as worried as he’s never been without me before...i phone 6 hours later and a slightly aggressive female answers the phone snapping that they are closed. I was trying to leave a message and she picked up the phone when I was half way though ... If you are closed then don’t answer the phone !!

She said he was still distressed and it might take another day for him to settle... I was not happy with this ..
Far too long to wait for a puppy to settle..

I collect the dog 2 nights and 3 days later.. he has various crusty bits of mud (I assume) on his fur and legs...
He absolutely stinks like he’s come out of a dog pound after 3 months not 3 days the first thing he did was rub his fur on anything he could find (ive seen this behaviour before and its to remove the smell of the other dogs...and he wouldn’t stoop scratching.. I bathed him now and he’s back to his normal smell and he was so hungry he had 3 dinners when he got home..

No one asked me how old he was how much food he needed or if he had his injections??

Strangely when I looked in the rucksack all of his toys were there (but no snacks.. had someone given him weeks worth in 3 days?)

I wish id not used this place.... as I was not taken
to see his kennel I;ve no idea where/what condition it was in.. He cant tell me what happened... but I can say he has remained distressed and unhappy today (24 hours after he’s been home.....)

I wont use again under any circumstances...
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