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Posted on 20th July 2019
They have no intention of paying out.
We have payed Animal Friends for almost three years for Dog health insurance.Recently our poor doggy got an infection and had to have lots of tablets and an expensive test done costing many hundreds of £s .Before we went ahead and payed for one expensive test in particular we contacted Animal Friends and asked if we would be covered for it and able to claim .Yes ,they said go ahead.
Well, you guessed it ,they have refused point blank to pay up.Not one Penny ! Not only that ,they have now placed extra restrictions on the policy to make sure we can never claim for anything remotely resembling our dogs illness again !
I advise anyone to stay well clear of this company .Find a reputable one.I have cancelled my policy and will be just putting the money by each month instead. I feel like i have been mugged in broad daylight and then laughed at.
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