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Keighley, West Yorkshire, England
Posted on 3rd December 2019
Uncaring customer service
Used Millie's Wolfheart with success for around 2 years. Last month they sent the wrong bag which we only realised after opening it as the packages are very similar. Our dog does not tolerate the food that was sent therefore the bag was of no use to us. Company could understandably not accept a return of the opened bag but refused to offer any sort of recompense for their error leaving us stuck with a £53 bag we cannot use.

I was offered a £2 refund because the value of the bag sent was £2 less than that ordered and they had the cheek to call this a 'gesture of goodwill'! I was offered a conversation with a nutritionist which was pointless as my dog tolerates the feed they were supposed to send.

It appears they would rather lose a regular customer than take any amount of responsibility for their error.
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