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Blairgowrie, Perth and Kinross, Scotland
Posted on 16th December 2019
Happy Furbabies
We have had dogs in our own home after moving in together since 2002. We currently have boxer dogs and an English Bulldog. These breeds commonly have multiple health issues or skin conditions. Following the arrival of our English Bulldog, who seemed to suffer the most, we researched a raw diet & found B&D online. The working dog complete range took the hassle out of raw feeding as I would not have time to DIY feed or include extra ingredients to make it complete.
All 3 of my dogs are thriving on the food, their eyes are bright, coats soft and shiny & their energy levels are manageable at all times. In addition, the tummy issues have resolved, their poops smaller & firmer. The persistent yeast outbreaks my EB suffered from has cleared up, the cysts between his toes have gone & the boxers are less itchy in general.
The dogs are so excited to get fed, they cry the moment it is taken out of the fridge and can't wait to have their bowl put down in front of them.

Overall, a great subscription service, good value for money and very happy furbabies daily.
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