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Posted on 3rd February 2020
Turkey and Rice
My Labrador has been on this food since he was a puppy! Wainwright is supposed to be a good brand of food, that’s why it is so expensive and I want him to have the best! Four weeks a go my dog started with really bad diarrhoea, up in the night with him even slept down stairs with him, went vets twice and even had poo samples done as was worried he had picked a virus up that Id heard was going round. It’s cost me £250 in vet bills to find out today thankfully that his results Have come back clear! It only just to a-cured to me that it all started when I’d brought a new bag of food from pets at home, the same we always have! Took it back today and the lady said your the fifth person to bring it back cos their dog has been poorly!
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