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Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England
Posted on 15th March 2020
Lacking any interest
For 14 years we used them for our pets, when our cocker spaniel had an appt to agree he needed warts removing the vet did not touch him or look closely at his warts he asked we point them out. A few weeks later when we took him for the warts off he had 3 more and they had grown. We were then told he had lymphoma and had 2 week to 2 month to live being in latter stages, he kept going for 4 which was amazing. However in the end when we needed end of life treatment it had to be by appointment and only what time they had spare. Therefore we took him to another vet who we had never used and they said no appointment was needed, bring him when u can. Vets 4 pets were amazingly empathic shame on abbey vets!!
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