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We lost our darling Yorkie in March after struggling with pancreatitis, interspersed with hepatitis for a year. We all agreed (vet, husband and I) that we would not admit him to hospital any more and following his next painful bout it was with a heavy heart we stopped his pain. He was nearly nine. Although we miss him beyond words, the tiny terror in the photo is helping fill the hole in our hearts.

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Lhasa Apso



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Watton, Norfolk, England
Posted on 21st May 2015
Great puppy food.
When I got my Lhasa, the breeder was feeding him on Pedigree, so obviously couldn't wait to change him to a better quality food. Whilst my puppy's diarrhoea and scratching may have been down to his settling in period, I'm not so sure. I was a bit nervous about switching him to a raw diet, so opted for the tinned, which is lightly steamed I read about it on another website where it was very highly rated and haven't looked back. Also, this is stocked by my local Pets at Home by the tin, so was able to try a couple of tins before I committed to an order (£10 introductory voucher too!).
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