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Posted on 30th April 2020
Paid when I needed them to.
As soon as I got my puppy (Roxy) I took ASDA pet insurance Vital Lifetime, which offered the best cover for the premium I paid. However, you don't know how good your insurance is until you need to use it. Well, when my dog was 1.5 years old she felt ill and had to be admitted into intensive care. At the time of admission I didn't know if my insurance would cover the cost of the treatment as it was late weekend evening and this caused me a lot of stress. I read online reviews of ASDA pet insurance and most people were giving them very little rating so I was convinced that ASDA will decline my claim for £1500. I have missed Roxy's buster vaccine, which was overdue by 3 months (I didn't do it on purpose. I was told by my vet that when the next vaccine is due they will inform me, which obviously didn't happen and I didn't realised). Roxy also had other visits to the vet in relation to different problems so I was thinking that ASDA will just pick up on all these things and decide not to pay as I've read on forums that insurance companies will try everything just so they don't pay out. However, ASDA paid everything in a timely manner and kept me up to date so I cannot really fault them. My renewal just came through and the increase in the premium is of about 30%, which was only about 7% in the previous year where I had no claims. However, my premium was not that high in the first place so even with the increase it's still good. So far so good.
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