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Posted on 22nd May 2020
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I feel they should be called 'Animal enemies'. Reading posts on here, it seems there is a pattern of not paying out.....

Due to CoVid-19 our vets refused the groom our long-haired cats coat, advising I would have to do it. It got so bad the cat was in distress, so I tried to remove one large matted clump of fur which was hard to see & puss was struggling. I unfortunately caused an accidental wound requiring stitches from an emergency vets. Four nights later he had projectile vomiting and was dehydrafted so had to go back for more treatment. Believe it or not Animal friends refused both claims, saying they were linked, and that they don't cover 'grooming'. I've asked for a review saying it wasn't grooming, and the vets wrote 2 letters to them saying it was accidental injury in understandable but very unusual circumstances and emergency surgery was required, imploring them to cover the claim, but they won't change their opinion.

I have now taken the time to read through all the policy paperwork and the policy with Animal friends does have some very unhelpful clauses. These include that under vets fees it states that if out of hours charges for vets fees are being contemplated, not only must a pre-authorisation be obtained but also that they will not cover out of hours charges unless the animal is in a life threatening condition. If one would assume that might not for instance include a broken leg or similar injury, I find it quite shocking that there terms could result in an animal suffering over a weekend needlessly. After this experience we will be looking elsewhere for insurance for our cat and I would advise anyone to read terms VERY carefully before selecting ‘Animal Friends’ who I do not believe are as friendly as they claim!
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