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Hattie Sidney

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Mongrel and Lhasa Apso



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Lowestoft, Suffolk, England
Posted on 14th January 2021
Great Food and Excellent Delivery
I feed Akela to one of my rescue dogs Hattie, who has food intolerances and several other allergies.
Hattie, who came from Romania had been starved and was survivng solely on stale bread and bones from the abattoir . This left her gut and immune system in a complete mess. After having a blood test done to establish what she was allergic to I found she was intollerant of most meats apart from Kangaroo, Venison and Wild Game, All of which are not normally fed grain. I also use Digestive Aid Pumpkin Mix which provides fibre to help with her digestion. She has gained weight, her gut health is in pretty good condition.
So it goes without saying that I thoroughly recommend Akela food . I would also praise the swift despatch, delivery and choice of carriers offered . Thank you Akela for being there with a great service before and particularly during the pandemic. A British firm that you can rely on.
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