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Posted on 29th March 2021
Fuming at this food
Used this food since our dog was a puppy , really solid poos never would have adjusted his diet but this company decided to do it for us!!!!

We didn’t know what was causing sudden diarrhoea and change in behaviour, poor boy was looking unwell. We put him on chicken and rice and viola solid poop again. So we start to introduce 5 peices of wainwright’s back in and instant diarrhoea, all over his bum he was running round crying, showing him at 12oclock at night and having to clean carpet!!!

After trips to the vets and £78 bill later we find out there’s been a recipe change and that’s causing the problem. We are absolutely fuming and will be returning this food and expect full refund and will never use this brand again. Stay away from this brand unless you’re happy with a company changing the recipe as they please!!!
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