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Posted on 27th August 2021
Wainwright’s Turkey & Rice Puppy Food
Stumbled here by chance and this all now makes sense! We fed our 11 month old chihuahua since we’ve had her from 12 weeks old and used to go wild for the Wainwright’s Turkey & Rice puppy food, she’d be running round like a lunatic just at the word “food” and jumping up at my knees for the bowl before I could even put it down then would literally gobble it down and we thought we were onto a winner without the need to chop and change to find her something she would like in the first place!

Now since I took delivery of the latest 15kg bag, she’s been very reluctant to eat it at all, sometimes to the point where she just doesn’t touch it whatsoever and will go without a meal. When she does, she doesn’t wolf it down like she used to with the original recipe either. It doesn’t make her ill like a lot of other comments here, but it’s quite clear that the recipe change has had an effect and she mustn’t like it.

I didn’t notice the ingredients difference, but I did notice the kibble were slightly larger and a lighter colour as I mixed it in with the remainder of the old bag until that was gone. The only thing I noticed was the old bag was just labelled as “Turkey & Rice” and the new one was labelled “Turkey & Brown Rice” but didn’t think anything of it at the time.

We’re now stuck with a 15kg bag that’s pretty much useless and gonna actually have to start shopping around for food she’ll actually enjoy as I feel awful trying to give her this when it’s clear she’s not into it. I’m just lucky she’s not poorly from it like a lot of other comments, I guess!
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