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Wolsey boy’s mum

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Lowestoft, Suffolk, England
Posted on 13th November 2021
Hoorah. Wet dog food back in stock
My dog is a large rescue lurcher. He is young and a high energy pet. This means he needs quite a lot of food each day( in the early days three meals a day). I feed him on a mixture of kibble and wet food. This makes giving him high quality food affordable as good quality ingredients naturally costs more than a food full of cheap grains and water.
His tummy loves the fish feast kibble( so many foods didn’t suit) and I love how nutritious it is for him.
He doesn’t love the wet food he ADORES it and is so happy it is back in stock. Whilst it has been out of stock he has tried so many other brands and none compare. It smells good and you can see the solid goodness as soon as you open the tin. He particularly likes the beef and the kangaroo and comes to tell me how good they are after he has emptied his bowl.
The delivery is always efficient and is good value.

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