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Posted on 4th January 2022
Poorly puppy
All the comments on this site are very enlightening. I have a 10 week old mini Daschund ans since we got her (at 8 weeks) she has been feed Wainwright’s puppy food (Chicken and Rice).after only a couple of days she was poorly and started having bouts of diarrhoea (one time with a little blood in it).After visit to vet she was given Promax and put on chicken and rice. Problem cleared up so I put her back on Wainwright’s and problem started yet again, so back on bland food and Promax. I’ve been an idiot because the only common denominator is the Wainrights so I’m taking her off it so her poorly tummy has a chance to clear up. I’m not sure what food to introduce her to slowly, but after reading all these comments many pets have had the same reaction……we can’t all be wrong in our assumptions. I will be writing to Pets At Home and just my little one recovers soon.
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