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Skegness, Lincolnshire, England
Posted on 8th October 2014
making my puppy a pleasure to own
I was bought a springer spaniel puppy as a present, after owning her for a few months I began to think it was the worst present I'd ever had, she was very excitable,didn't listen to commands and very unruly. I was giving up hope with her and was considering re-homing her when I came across PMPK9 dog training school . I immediately phoned them up and after speaking to Pat the trainer ,arranging an accessment I began to feel a bit more hopeful. The accessment was great, Pat was very thorough in his questioning and seemed to know his job very well. We started off doing some 1-2-1 lessons, then progressed to classes.I have been going for 2 years now, not that my dog isn't properly trained as there is a massive improvement with her and I 'm confident to take her with me anywhere ,we really enjoy our classes and we are constantly learning new things and my dog loves the agility sessions . Coming to dog training school has taught me a lot about my dog and Pat has taught me the correct way to handle her, she is a pleasure to have and I can confidently walk down the street passing children and other dogs knowing that she will be well behaved . I feel dog training lessons are a must in order for you and your pet/pets to learn the basic rules of how to behave in public areas ,so that everyone feels confident when passing a dog and handler.So dog/puppy owners,look up your nearest dog trainer and get some training in, if in Lincolnshire PMPK9 is highly rated .Clarke of Skegness
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