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Susan Finnegan

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Skegness, Lincolnshire, England
Posted on 10th October 2014
The Three Amigos
We have three dogs Oz a white Boxer, Buddy a German Shepherd/ Malinois crossbreed and our newest arrival Xero a black German Shepherd. We have been attending PMPK9 training school for well over a year and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs help, advice or guidance with their dog (s).
Pat came to our notice purely by chance when we needed help with Buddy our GSD/Malinois cross. At the time Buddy was about 5 months old and in spite of us having past experience with a similar cross we were struggling with Buddy. He was bright and keen to learn but was extremely anxious and flighty , frightened of anyone or anything unfamiliar it was making our lives and his miserable. The help and common sense advice we have had from Pat has made so much difference to Buddy and ourselves he has gone from tail down constant anxiety to tail up keeness thoroughly enjoying every new thing he learns. A joy to see!
We started with one to one sessions but now also attend group classes. Lessons are interesting, lively and informative and we now attend with all three dogs who thoroughly enjoy themselves - so do we.
We live 40 miles away from PMPK9s base and we go twice a week but it has been and continues to be worth every mile.
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