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Skegness, Lincolnshire, England
Posted on 20th October 2014
PMPK9 - the ONLY effective problem solver
Conveniently situated in Friskney between Boston and Skegness, The PMP K9 DOG TRAINING SCHOOL are ideally situated to advise on, and solve, all your dog training, behavioural and diet problems both individually and in a class based environment. We are attending a weekly K9 training class with our second dog, a rescue Staffie, where he received special attention to his individual needs and in a short space of time we have virtually solved his in-built aggression to other dogs. As the final part of each training session the dogs are invited take part in agility, using PMP K9's custom-made agility equipment. Each dog does as much or as little as they are comfortable with and they all clearly have a great time. As for us owners, everyone taking part in the class are invited to a post-lesson coffee and chat which serves as a great interchange for like minded owners, a sort of K9 club!.
An essential part of PMP K9's teaching, missed by all other 'training schools' we know of, is the actual training of the owners on how to instruct and control their animal. All the dog training in the world is NO GOOD if the OWNERS are not trained. A word of warning, whist the highly-professionally and enthusiastic owner of PMP K9 is willing to do house visits and individual lessons for your dog, do NOT expect a there-there never mind namby pamby approach - Pat evaluates and tells you how it is without ant sugar coating or frills - a great sensible and professional approach that has certainly gained remarkable results in many previously 'uncontrollable' dogs brought to him as being beyond help. Summed up in one word 'BRILLIANT'
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