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Keighley, West Yorkshire, England
Posted on 24th November 2015
*Superb Quality Food!*
The "caviar" of the dog food world but without the price tag one would expect for such a high quality food! :-D

I have 2 dogs, a Whippet and a Parsons Russell Terrier, and both have different individual needs.

I spent a fair while researching in to different brands of dog food, most of which were shocking with regards to what they contained, and the rest had their flaws and wouldn't be suitable for my dogs.

After searching food by food on a dog food rating website I came across Millies - and since that day, I haven't looked back. Both my dogs are happy, healthy, thriving and maintaining their ideal weights.

Previously, my Whippet struggled to gain weight and was a bit on the lean side and my Terriers IBD was unstable - we haven't had any problems since feeding Millies.

Millies have a large range of different types of dog food, all very high quality, and my dogs are very happy and content on the 60/40 varieties.

Their customer service exceeds all expectations, they are full of knowledge and always willing to help. You're made to feel welcome and it doesn't feel like you're 'just another customer' - you feel like a friend, which is lovely!

I would highly recommend Millies for their extremely high quality food, expertise, fantastic customer service and dedication to their customers :-)

Thank you so much Millies for giving me peace of mind that I'm feeding my dogs a top quality food and for helping make my dogs thrive! After all, happy & healthy dogs = very happy owner!

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