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Keighley, West Yorkshire, England
Posted on 24th November 2015
We wooof Millies
I was Vet recommended to Millies (thank God my Vet knows his stuff) and believe with a combined effort between my Vet and Mark who owns Millies, they saved my white boxer girls life ❤️ Im forever grateful for Mark never being too busy to answer questions, the staff and customer service is amazing, the quality and variety is fantastic.

I have one suggestion, bring back venison only sausages! I hate buying any products not from you! But mine love these for training (i know you had to stop) but could you source them elsewhere?

Love love love seeing my fur babies stomping their paws for their dinners, they cannot eat it quick enough, every meal!! I also use different varieties of kibble for treats, which is great and a huge plus as they love the different flavours
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