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Adrian S

2 reviews | A member for 8 years, 1 month

About me:

Retired and living in County Durham

Name of my dog(s):

Sasha, Suzie and Pudel

Breed of my dog(s):

Lab. x Kerry Blue Collie x Kerry Blue Toy Poodle


County Durham

Town / City:


Crook, County Durham, England
Posted on 14th January 2016
My dogs Love it.
We have been taking our dogs for grooming here for the past three years. the standard of service and quality of the grooming is superb. More importantly the dogs are always pleased to go and show no distress at all. The come out looking a million dollars and smelling wonderful.
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Bacton, Norfolk, England
Posted on 14th January 2016
Beachscape, Doggy Paradise
We spent 4 nights at this charming chalet a in May 2015 and immediately booked another stay for May 2016. We went abroad in November 2015, and the dogs were boarded for the first time in their lives. On our return we decided that the dogs needed a holiday too, so we booked a break at Beachscape for January. We nor the dogs were disappointed. The property is totally dog friendly, right down to the secure decking where the could enjoy the wonderful fresh sea air. For us humans the usual 5* facilities afforded made for a relaxing and peaceful winter break. We all enjoyed the freedom that the lovely beach offered and the warmth we enjoyed in the chalet when we returned from our walks. We cannot recommend this property highly enough.
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