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Posted on 26th July 2016
Massive hike even though no claims.
At the time of taking out cover for my dog as a puppy the policy was one of the better options around. Last year's premiums hit the £100 a month mark and with another dog's policy already nearly at £100 I reduced his cover to £7,000 and increased the excess. This brought premiums down to about £83 / month. He has now turned 6 and I've just phoned as the renewal etc did not arrive (lost in post) and enquired as to what the new premiums are- £118 / month!
Given he's 6 and never had a claim in his life the protestations of 'it goes by the postcode and the breed' that I hear all the time mean nothing. I dread to think what his premiums will be if he lives to a ripe old age. Is it any wonder so many dogs end up uninsured and so many pedigree dogs poorly bred when I expect people are just trying to recoup the cost of insurance/ future treatment.
I can't comment on the claims process really but had to award a score.
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