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About me:

I work as a Team Leader in a care home near me, I have 2 children a girl who is 21 and a boy who is 12. I love my dogs as much as my children !!

Name of my dog(s):

Daisy and Benny

Breed of my dog(s):




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Chertsey, Surrey, England
Posted on 16th August 2016
Best care ever
I have used Home from Home boarding several times and have never been disappointed, they were looked after as I would have looked after them, my dogs are my world and I hate leaving them. The ladies who looked after them last time were so upset they were leaving, they were lovely my dogs were clean, spoilt rotten and cuddled a lot, they had got them treats and really went out of their way for them. I would ecommend this service for every dog owner.
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