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Taxi driver

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Bailey &jess

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German Shepherd



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Richmond, Richmond upon Thames, England
Posted on 2nd September 2016
Try it for yourself
i have two German Shepherd's that where always fed on James wellbeloved but there coats never looked good I trialed the tails and have never looked back the dogs love it and they are so much healthyer on it, and so much more energy, there is a lot of stupid reviews about bred, weight and loads of toss about it being filled with grain if you follow the page and don't skip you can tailor it to what you want and can exclude grain and fillers as I have yes the price go's up but so does any food you buy look at royal canine £65 quid for a 15kg sack because it has no grain or fillers, so lets put it down my two cost £73 a month to feed and remember thats two large dogs not bad they don't get massive portions only 220g twice a day its enough because the food is high quality it maintains there weight not fat or skinny
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