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Posted on 27th September 2016
Won't insure with them again
Personally had a very bad experience with this insurer after having had them reccomended and seeing lots of good things about them so am very dissapointed.

Currently facing potential vets fees of £1500 with no support from insurance as my dog required emergency care and therefore i had no time to submit the pre-auth which apparently takes 48 / 72 hours to obtain. Now i have a nail biting wait to find out if they will help me, or if i will need to find the money i was expecting not to need to pay due to taking out insurance in the first place.

Athough my dog was admitted for emergency care at 10am due to not being diagnosed, earlier at 2am the same morning his condition was 'none life threatening' purely because he was sent home incorrectly.

Left me very out of pocket and wondering about the purpose of insurance for my dog altogether sadly.
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