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Now retired.

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Darcey & Dino

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Lowestoft, Suffolk, England
Posted on 9th September 2021
Best dog food I have ever used.
I have been using this food for over 5 years now & my dogs love it just as much now as the first time they ate it. It has good quality ingredients, based on a dogs natural diet in the wild. No cereals, grains or fillers to bulk it out so very little waste. My dogs stools are perfect, they are in good heath & I have recommended this food to so many people, none of whom have switched back once they have used it.
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Lowestoft, Suffolk, England
Posted on 9th October 2016
Empty bowls
I was given a sample of Akela at the Royal Norfolk show & the dogs woofed it down. I have 2 labradoodles, one will eat anything! including things he shouldn't, but the other one has always been a picky eater. She will eat a food one day then turn her nose up the next & I had to feed them separately as she takes so long picking through her food the other one would clean up her bowl as well as his own. They have always been on good quality food with no cereals or grain & a high meat content so when I was given the sample the composition wasn't much different to the one they were on so didn't think there would be much difference & I don't like chopping & changing their food as nutritionally there wasn't anything much better than the one they were on.
I gave them some of the food as a treat at the stall & they loved it, I put the rest in my pocket & walked on whereupon the picky one was walking with her head practically in my pocket trying to get more. I mixed a few with her dinner that night & she picked them out & ate them straight away. I decided to buy a bag to try as I'd never seen her that enthusiastic before but was still sceptical as she would eat other foods at first then start leaving them but I knew my other dog would eat it if the worst came to the worst. I mixed it 50/50 with their existing food & again she was picking out the Akela from the bowl. She then went fully onto it & I have empty bowls every meal. She knows what time she is fed & tells me if I'm a few minutes late with dinner.
Both dogs love it & have been on it 5 months now & I wouldn't give them anything else.
Their stools are firm & less than they were & not as smelly. I can't comment on their coats as they have poodle types & there's no shine on them but if the rate it grows is anything to go by they are fine but they have no problems healthwise & when they have been to the kennels even they have asked what food they are as they eat it so well & they have noticed how good their stools are.
They are on the 80/20 chicken & fish for large breeds & I do give them the fish skin treats occasionally. I think it may be the fish that makes it so appetising to them.
It isn't the cheapest food by any means but there is no waste & it goes further than other foods as you do not need to feed so much.
I wish they did a bigger bag than 10kg but you can't have everything.
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