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About me:

I’m the founder of London dog blog The Dogvine ( I live in the city with my Brazilian rescue dogs and love sharing tips about all things dog, especially pawsome products, canine-friendly places and get-togethers for dogs.

Name of my dog(s):

Belinha, Moleque & Nina

Breed of my dog(s):

Rescue dogs rescued from the streets of Rio, Brazil!



Town / City:


Posted on 29th January 2017
No more worrying when you leave your dog at home!
I've owned a petcam for several years now and my experience hasn't been great so I was excited to try the Furbo Dog Camera as it has a whole host of incredible features. Superb HD camera quality, night vision, two-way audio so I can talk to my dog when I'm out and the best bit...the treat-tossing function is absolutely BRILLIANT!!! My dog was initially a little wary of the noise it makes when dispensing treats but has now got used to it and has taken to sitting in front of it even when I'm home! This is a must for dog owners that worry about their dogs when they're out or if your dog suffers from separation anxiety. Can't recommend highly enough. I've written a full review on my dog blog if you would like to know more:
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