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Ben 8 years Sam 7 years Ollie 4 years Ripley 10 months old

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3 boxers and a Rottweiler



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Keighley, West Yorkshire, England
Posted on 4th February 2017
Top quality food 5* service
Best quality food I have seen, owned and ran by a small family business who have researched ingredients and actually care about what goes In their food and the quality of their food. Always 5* service and if you have any questions or need help in any way, the team is always there.
I have 2 boxers & a rottie on millies, rottie been on it since 8 weeks old as she was turning down food from breeder, hasn't walked away from a meal since & shes 10months old now, my old boy at 8 years had a worsening heart murmur from a pup, his heart score went up to to nearly time for medication, thanks to a good quality diet, he's fit and healthy, heart score gone down drastically, no stiff joints, no coughing on exercise and all the other symptoms related to heart problems. All dogs fit and healthy, coats shiny, no dicky tums....
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