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Dog trainer, dog lover, dog friend

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Shine, flash, shadow

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Labrador, whippet



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Posted on 16th February 2017
a cheap choice for a sensitive dog. had my terrier on this for a year before I knew about real nutrition. dull coat, low energy bad breath. good food if your budget is small. a whole lot better than bakers, pedigree and other cack on the market.
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Posted on 16th February 2017
#1 out of hundreds of brands
I work in the dog food industry and have done years of research and this is singlehandedly the best dry food for ingredients, quality, very well sourced and actually has your dogs best health as it's first priority instead of money. The high price puts people off a little but mans best friend should receive nothing less. God bless Henrietta morrison and lily for setting the standards high. Regardless of price the value for money is exceptional.
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