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Posted on 2nd March 2017
Poor customer service
Ordered a few times off then now get next day delivery and it's never next day always 2-3 days late.
The food they sell is Good quality no doubt about that but prices going up all the time last price rise was over 20% on the food. Spoke to the director of Suffolk group who blamed brexit. Now you tell me if your food is all bought and made within the UK as your telling people brexit has nothing to do with it you are just one of the fat cats that thinks they can make a quick buck off the scare mongering due to brexit. You should be ashamed of your self. Once again the food is good but don't expect stuff to come on time and watch the price keep going up and up which means if you don't want to keep changing your food your tied in to what ever he feels like rising the price to this week. Food 8/10 customer service 0/10 delivery 0/10
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