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Keighley, West Yorkshire, England
Posted on 10th August 2017
Lacks quality or customer service
This is very expensive dog food. It lack quality or service to match.

We tried three Millie's foods. Starting with the recommended amounts and then gradually increasing.

Our Vizslas just lost weight. Indeed it poured off them. It leads one to question what is actually in this dog food vs. Other brands. We have used a variety over the years and only Millie's has this effect. As soon as we changed the food to another brand the weight went back on thank goodness.

We also suffered lots of hassle from Millie's; three booked deliveries all three missed and all three times just excuses. It is everyone's problem except it seems Millie's. When they don't get to ship because they are too busy, it's not their problem. When they appoint a subcontractor and the delivery fails to turn up, that's the customers problem not Millie's.

The attitude of customer services to our dogs and us a customer was appalling.

My advice is avoid this company. Their behaviour suggests they could care less about your dogs or the service they offer. All they care about is making money from you!
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