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Skegness, Lincolnshire, England
Posted on 18th November 2017
Before Tasha we were at end of our tether we had four trainers before we met Tasha. Tasha is the only trainer who has been able to make progress with Simba we even tried board and train to no avail. Even though it came highly rated. We heard bout Tasha from a friend and the changes with Simba have been amazing. When we called Tasha we had been visited by the police concerning our dog as he had a scuffle with the dogs next door. Tasha has been able to do obedience with Simba, recall him, walk him, train us, get him close to other dogs Ben though he is closely managed and none of this had happened before, we have never lost Simba with Tasha whereas we did with other trainers when we explain he has no recall, he is a rescue from the Ark and from what we know he has had a really bad start. He's not aggressive but nervous reactive and Tasha has taught us this, helped us with his food and allergies and helped us to become more confident with him, we still have a long way to go until we are fully comfortable with managing Simba alone but the changes in Simba have been amazing.
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