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Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
Posted on 13th August 2018
Just the best dog food ever
My two collies have been enjoying Wolfworthy for well over a year now. Until then, I had always fed what I thought to be a top quality kibble but when my boys kept getting attacks of diarrhea (which returned each time I gradually re-introduced the James Wellbeloved after each week of a light diet), I knew that it was time to change.

Lots and lots of research into the raw ingredients and actual content of many brands proved to be a total minefield and was a massive wake-up call.

At last, I found Wolfworthy, liked what I was reading and sent for my trial pack. Since then, I have never looked back and now know that my precious boys are being fed the very best dog food ever produced. The regular order / doorstep delivery service is brilliant and personal service is second to none.

No more upset tummies, they are both fit, healthy and energetic and have the most amazing coats.

Thank you soooo very much Wolfworthy. You certainly get my vote for the very best dog food on the market and deserve every dingle award.
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