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Lowestoft, Suffolk, England
Posted on 14th March 2018
Great switch from Royal Canin to Akela
My breeder recommended wetted Royal Canin Junior for our Shetland Sheepdog puppy and was very generous with advice and a gift pack. All worked well, but his stools were a little orange, slightly smelly and quite soft. This led the puppy to regular eat what he pooed. The Kennel Club and other sites implied over-feeding, but also advised that the stools should be firm and reasonably dark. I researched various reviews and looked at 80:20 food options. Akela came out well and claimed the small paws kibble would work for puppies. We decided to give it a try. Upon arrival, the puppy was curious and took the kibble dry. Unfortunately this lasted just one feed. I cut the Royal Canin Junior 50:50 with a general reduction to less than 10% RCJ and the rest Akela. During the first week, I found myself hand feeding from the bowl with a spoon and a wetted feed. Finally, the puppy ate on his own again with no intervention and has wetted kibble in the morning and dry in the evening. The results have been excellent. Firstly his stools dried up, barely any smell and he rarely goes near them, and secondly, his coat sheens more and has a softer texture than before. The best pricing was direct from Akela, but with a decent amount to get the benefit of free shipping. I pay around 25% more, but it is worth it. I would not turn people away from Royal Canin, as it worked well, however, Akela works really well for my puppy and I will continue with Akela and recommend it.
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