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Lowestoft, Suffolk, England
Posted on 19th June 2018
New Puppy with the Salmon flavour
We got a new puppy last weekend, so prior to picking him up we did a lot of research into which food to give him, in the past, we have always used Royal Canin; After reading everything we could about the newer products on the market we decided we would give Akela.
We ordered the new Salmon variety in a 1.5kg pack and a couple of sample bags of the other three flavours along with some training treats and pumpkin digestive aid to use while we move him over from the Beta puppy food he was on with the breeder.
His first meal with us, using the salmon variety mixed with some Beta and pumpkin mix, he was still a little nervous, however, he managed to eat all the food in his dish, each subsequent meal has been like an attack by Piranha every scrap of his food is gone in seconds, he absolutely loves it.
So far we have been using the other varieties as training treats along with the actual training treats. The only item that isn’t perfect at the minute is the fish training treats, he likes them, but they are a little hard for his teeth, so it takes him a long time to crunch up which interrupts his training, but this will resolve its self as he grows he is only eight weeks old after all.
Overall these products have exceeded expectations, and I intend to order 10Kg bags of each flavour for him shortly so he can continue to have a varied and healthy diet.

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