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Winchester, Hampshire, England
Posted on 5th July 2018
Life saver, very happy pooch!
What would I do with out ScenterBarks? It is such a good service. They pick up and drop off my little pooch which makes life so much easier for me on a busy work day. He runs to the "school bus" with joy and a wagging tail with out a look back. He loves his friends at ScenterBarks and runs and plays all day and then flakes out when he gets home. I am completely relaxed in the knowledge that he is cared for and entertained in a safe and stimulating environment.
When he first went I was nervous and wondered how he would get on. I got sent pictures and a reassuring reply to my anxious emails. He can be full on and so can be separated and have enforced rest time if he needs it. They are always supervised and looked after as individuals.
The online booking is so quick and easy and the feedback you get from any enquiry is very prompt.
I cannot recommend it enough.
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