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Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
Posted on 18th August 2018
Excellent food for your fussy wolf!
My crossbreed Fergus has been a fussy eater since he was a pup. He is now 14 years and 10 months old (that makes him about 104 in dog years). Over the years I have tried him on many foods and treats that he just refused to eat. He has a sensitive stomach and changing foods always had to be done carefully. When he was about 5 I found a food that he liked and seemed to suit his digestion but after about 4 years on this diet the manufacturers stopped supplying to the UK so the hunt began again. I finally got him settled on another food but it took a long time and was very difficult to source. Last year Fergus was very ill and refused to eat for a week so again I had to change his food. This time I researched what is really in our dog foods and was horrified at even some of the supposedly premium brands. That was when I discovered Wolfworthy. I followed the changing feed guidelines and had no problems. Fergus loves it. That is some recommendation from a really fussy old 'wolf'.
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