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Skegness, Lincolnshire, England
Posted on 30th September 2018
Highly recommend
I got in touch with Tasha after struggling to find a dog trainer that would actually come and see us and my 2 dogs at the time about their reactive problems and see if they could help near to me. Found Tasha on Facebook got in touch and she came out to see us and my 2 dogs. We have since been working with Tasha 1 to 1 with one of my dogs now due to having to rehome the other. She has been so patient with us as had set backs lately. She was brill when I just messaged her so upset about rehoming my other dog. She really cares about all the dogs she works with and you can see that. The seminars she does too for us reactive dog owners are brilliant I was so impressed with what I learnt but also she had got us dog owners together and it was so good as you talk together and realise you are not the only one with a reactive dog. Would highly recommend to anyone Tasha isn’t the closest trainer to us but we are happy traveling for seminars and walks in towns with Tasha as takes a lot for me to trust and feel confident with someone with my animals and from the first meeting with Tasha we knew found a good trainer.
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