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Lower Feltham, Hounslow, England
Posted on 6th March 2015
Excellent personalised care
Silverdale have always provided excellent, personalised care for our 2 elderly Staffordshire Bull Terriers. As well as catering for their dietary requirements and medical needs, when one of our dogs became disabled (paralysed in one leg) they offered an exceptional level of care. They provided him with special bedding, regular checks throughout the day and lots of love!

They must have the highest standards of hygiene. Silverdale is also the only kennels I have sent my dogs to where they have not come back with some kind of minor illness like an upset tummy or an eye infection. In actual fact, Silverdale staff were quick to point out a lump on one of our dog's legs, when we came back from holiday. We had it checked by the vet and when it was removed it turned out to be cancerous, so we are very grateful to them for their sharp eyes and dedication.

I am always able to relax when I go on holiday and the "boys" go to Silverdale!
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