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I am 61 years old and nearly blind and with a lot of health issues so i have to a medical assistance dog to assist me with everyday life but i look on life as there is a lot of people wose then me so i keep positive about life

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Labrador/Cocker spaniel Cross



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Swanton Morley

Norwich, Norfolk, England
Posted on 16th October 2018
Meeting Dogs
Philip came out and seemed and sounded very helpful spent over two hours given tips on training her then said he would send some paperwork over email waited then had to phone up as didn't come after all the advice came which was great on paper but her background is bad socialising with other dogs. he Then came out another two visits where he saw the trouble i was having and said he would revisit to help me with this and after a few phone calls still haven't seen him and this was three months ago so i got still a very troubled dog so we are hoping in time she will come out of her trouble with patience as nobody seems to want to know. It's been seven months now in total since his first visit.
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