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Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England
Posted on 17th June 2022
A Lovely Company But...
I have been a longtime advocate of Sneyds as my boys LOVE the food, and I have always given 5 stars. Sadly that has dropped more recently due to the kibble always being big in size compared to the very first few bags I bought which it was much smaller and more manageable for my Westies. Unfortunately, as my boys are 10 and 12 now its not is easy to change their food about due to sensitive stomachs and potential skin issues plus other health issues that they have going on, therefore I am needing to stay put with this food and soak the kibble to soften it as one of my boys tends to choke occasionally with the kibble. I did switch to special bowls to slow down eating but even then, the kibble is just that bit too big for them. Such a shame as otherwise I would happily give 10 stars to this company over and above the 5 allowed.
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Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England
Posted on 24th December 2019
Delivery Problems - Top Service!
I ordered a 12kg bag of food for my dogs. I have recently moved and unfortunately the different delivery address did not get picked up so the food was delivered to an old neighbour. Due to various circumstances I couldn’t access the food in a timely manner and I let Sneyds Wonderdog know the predicament.

I have to say that they could not have done anymore to make up for the error. The communication, the speed of help, the ownership taken and the general ‘no problem’ attitude was awesome.

I can’t praise this company enough, I really can’t. In the past they have even spoken to their Nutritionists and Scientists to help make sure one of my dogs were not being adversely affected by the food due to his condition.

I love this company and I highly recommend them.
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Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England
Posted on 5th December 2018
This Company is AWESOME!
I have been feeding our Westies with the Premium Grain Free food from Sneyd's for quite some time now, having met them at a dog show. I have to say that our boys are in excellent condition weight wise and health wise. I have had cause to contact them with questions in the past that have been raised by people outside of Sneyd's and I have to say that Sneyd's have been amazing! Giving me thorough scientific information and even contacting outside resources to confirm and allay any fears I had.
You really can't get any better than these guys and this food :) Plus our boys LOVE IT!
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