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Posted on 5th May 2015
Good service
I insured my nine year old dog with Asda after she had a series of accidents. One of these accidents cost us over£4,000 in vet fees. Although, as expected, Asda would not insure that leg they cover the rest of her body.
She went on to develop not one but three serious health problems and they paid out over £4,000 on one of them and several thousand on the others.
The only complaint and the reason for 4 stars is that I thought I was buying lifetime insurance and, when I insured my second dog with them, I found out that there is a limit per condition. I had their top insurance and, within 3 years, had claimed the maximum benefit of £6,000 for her Addisons Disease. She was still covered for other conditions but I was left with no cover for her Addisons for the rest of her life.
They also brought in a co-insurance clause which meant that I had to pay a percentage of the fee. This is not what I signed up for though I understand that it is becoming more common for long term illnesses.
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Watton, Norfolk, England
Posted on 5th May 2015
Wonderful, caring and independent
If you want a practice where you get to see the same vet, each time you need them, then this is the practice for you. The care and attention is second to none. All of this at reasonable prices because they are still independent of the huge corporations. I could not fault the care they gave to my dog during her illness. Having been, previously, with one of the large corporate practices where the vets change like the weather it was wonderful to get continuity of care for her.
My current dog has not, as yet, needed much attention but I am happy that they are there if needed.
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Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England
Posted on 4th May 2015
This is a wonderful set up. Here is where you learn to trust your dog to find a chosen scent. The workshops cover both the theory and practical aspects of finding hidden, specially scented, toy mice or, for dogs that prefer it, a chosen food item!
My dog and I learned to work together to find the scent and follow it to a successful conclusion. The handler is taught how to handle the dog in the best possible way to facilitate a successful "find".
My trainer was Pam Mackinnon who has worked as a professional drugs dog handler and is a mine of information on all things scent! There was a video introduction, followed by games with the dogs to encourage enthusiasm for the toy or food item. We then went on to scent out our chosen item. Every single dog was successful!
Scenting is something all dogs can do. It is very concentrated work and will tire even the liveliest dog out after a couple of searches. It creates a special bond between dog and handler.
I can't wait to start my new dog on the Scentwork journey!
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